ASC Regions 6 & 7 2017 Student Competition and
Construction Management Conference

February 8-11, 2017
Nugget Casino Resort
Sparks, Nevada


- - - Event Sponsoring Companies- - -
Absher Construction • Alston Construction • Andersen Construction Company • Balfour Beatty Construction • Bayley Construction • Bernards • Big-D Construction • Blach Construction • Bluebeam • BNBuilders • C.W. Driver, LLC • Cahill Contractors LLC • Carpenters 46 Northern California Counties • Cody|Brock Commercial Builders • Construction Specifications Institute • CORE Construction • CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc. • DeSilva Gates Construction • Dome Construction • Exponent • Exxel Pacific • Flatiron • GH Phipps Construction Companies • Ghilotti Construction Company • Gilbane Building Company • Goodfellow Bros. Inc. • GraniteRock • Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co. • Holland Construction, Inc. • Independent Construction Co. • Innovative Construction Solutions • JE Dunn Construction • Kitchell • Level 10 Construction • Lyles Construction Group • Manson Construction Co. • Marelich Mechanical • MATT Construction • McGuire and Hester • McKinstry • Millie and Severson General Contractors • Nevell Group Inc. • Nibbi Brothers General Contractors • Novo Construction • Okland Construction • Olsson Electric • Overaa Construction • Pankow • Penhall Company • Performance Contracting, Inc. • Performance Mechanical, Inc. • PlanGrid • Prime Electric • Procore Technologies • Quiring General LLC • Rodan Builders, Inc. • Rosendin Electric • S. J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc. • SC Builders • Sellen Construction • Shimmick Construction • Snyder Langston • Southland Industries • Sprig Electric • Sterling Construction Company, Inc.• Suffolk Construction • Sukut Construction • Teichert • The Boldt Company • The PENTA Building Group • The Raymond Group • The Walsh Group • The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company • Therma • Traylor Bros., Inc. • Truebeck Construction • Turner • W. E. O'Neil Construction Co. of California • W. L. Butler • Wall and Ceiling Alliance • Wilson Electric • XL Construction

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Registered Individuals as of January 18, 2018
Grouped by Event Sponsor Company Name
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Company Attendee Name
Faculty &
Industry Dinner
Absher Construction      
Alston Construction Alecia Wilmeth No Yes
  Natasha Palewicz No Yes
  Matt Clafton No Yes
  Isaac Dye No Yes
Andersen Construction Company Ami Tracy No Yes
  Michelle Derting No Yes
  Hayley Brown No Yes
  Kris Anderson No Yes
  Brian Price No Yes
  Eric Olson No Yes
  Robbin Zahurak No Yes
  Matt Blandford No Yes
Balfour Beatty Erica Frandsen
No Yes
  Daniel Shirkey
No Yes
  Justin Maletic
No Yes
  Jake Jaenicke
No Yes
  Sean Phillips
No Yes
  Andre Hoss
No Yes
  Michele Earley
No Yes
  Charlie Brown
No Yes
  Bryan Osborne
No Yes
  Jeff Calvet
No Yes
  John Bernardy
No Yes
  Dave Bock
No Yes
  John Davids
No Yes
  Rachel Chaney
No Yes
  Dan Zylkowski No Yes
  Jennifer Guinn No Yes
  Crandall Bates
No Yes
  Chris Rutherford
No Yes
  Vitaliy Leshchick
No Yes
  Joey Anderson
No Yes
  Brian Miller
No Yes
  Marty Gillman
No Yes
  Nhi Tran
No Yes
  Will Pfeffer
No Yes
  Adam Johnson No Yes
  Nicole Meehan No Yes
Bayley Construction      
Beavers Charitable Trust      
Big-D Construction Becky Robinson No Yes
  Pete Paletta No Yes
  Jeff Lister No Yes
  Rodney McKee No Yes
  Dan Shane No Yes
Blach Construction Company Tierney Siler
No Yes
  Bria Riparbelli
No Yes
  Spencer Gravelle
No Yes
  Brian Azzopardi
No Yes
  Ari Govan
No Yes
  Danny O'Malley
No Yes
  Phil Mirenda
No Yes
  Chris Falco
No Yes
  Dan Rogers
No No
  Keith Craw No No
Bluebeam Emily Heppard Yes Yes
  Sarah Moisan-Thomas No Yes
BNBuilders Rick Philipovich
No Yes
  Ross Brown
No Yes
  Zak Krein
No Yes
  Matt Burns
No Yes
  Ryan Hipp
No Yes
  Brooke Bermudez No Yes
  Ross Wildman No Yes
C. W. Driver Companies RICH FREEARK No No
Cahill Contractors LLC Jennifer Herskowitz
No Yes
  Tammy Chang
No Yes
  Jacqueline Hemenway
No Yes
  Nick Misakian
No Yes
  Jason Sommers No Yes
Carpenters 46 Northern California Counties      
Cody|Brock Commercial Builders Casey Vermette No Yes
  Amanda Zelnik No Yes
  Sandi Smith No Yes
  Ross Tassan No Yes
Construction Specifications Institute Dennis Sandhurst Yes Yes
  Duane Johnson No Yes
  Eric Camin No Yes
  Dane Dodd-Hansen Yes Yes
  Sheryl Dodd-Hansen Yes Yes
CORE Construction Gary Aanenson Yes No
  John Sanders III No No
  Emerson Ward No No
  Jessica Bateman Yes No
  James Faria No No
  Gary Wenk Yes No
  Alli Treffiletti No No
  Craig Cummings No No
  BJ Pennington No No
  Quintin Smith No No
CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc. Morgan Sabala
No No
  David Kang
No No
  Mike Mortl
No No
  Steve Watts
No No
  Jeff David
No No
  Joe Grant No No
DeSilva Gates Construction Pete Davos
No No
  Matt Mascaro
No No
  Bob Kluball
No No
  Brent Loyles
No No
  Cody Colombo
No No
  Orrin Turold
No No
  Anita Sahagun
No No
  Brian O'Rourke
No No
  Casey Crowe
No No
  Quinn Hance No No
Dome Construction Tim Cadenasso No No
  Dustin Marzalek No No
  Dan Dickson No No
  Mark Bley
No No
  Eric LaRue
No No
  Anthony Faye
No No
  Garrett Robathan
No No
  John Reinhardt No No
Exponent Brianna Callaway No Yes
  Steve Purugganan No Yes
  John Corbin No Yes
  Chris Markham No Yes
Exxel Pacific Todd Williams No Yes
  Ben Prigmore No Yes
  Justin Ripkin No Yes
  Kaylee Beck No Yes
Ghilotti Construction Company Tiffany Sutton No Yes
GH Phipps Construction Companies Kate Lavicky
No No
  Todd Ruff
No No
  Roger Treichler
No No
  Kevin Mahoney No No
  Chad Cleveland No No
Goodfellow Bros., Inc. Debbi Phipps
No Yes
  Ben Northey
No Yes
  Frank Williams
No Yes
  Bo McKuin No Yes
Graniterock David Kennedy No No
  David Olivas No No
  Mark Ziebell No No
  Barbara Kimball No No
  John Torres No Yes
  Jamie Agnello No No
  Griffin Hyde No Yes
  MIchael Robles No Yes
  Jason Alger No No
Hathaway Dinwiddie Scott McClure
No No
  Kyle Spitznagel
No No
  Michael Kasow
No No
  Alex Maffei
No No
  Angela Non
No No
  Ivan Chen
No No
  Antonio Gonzalez No No
Holland Construction Shawn O'Leary No Yes
  Cole Verner No Yes
  Larry Huang No Yes
  Mike Johnson No Yes
  Chris Ferris No Yes
  Erin Ashley No Yes
  Shaun Evans No Yes
  Cody Strange No Yes
  Dan Johnson No Yes
  Ian Smith No Yes
Independent Construction Co. Zach Neu No No
  Eric McCosker No No
  Nick Northern No No
  Brian McCosker No No
JE Dunn Construction Clay Creaser No Yes
  Jesse Pruitt No Yes
  Jason Schaumberg No Yes
  Breanne Taylor No Yes
  Jim Ray No Yes
Kitchell LORI WINSOR No No
  Kirstin Trapp No No
  Bill Johal No No
  Mike Fitch No No
  David Dunn No Yes
  Dawn Bertolani No No
Level 10 Construction      
Manson Construction Co. Aaron Rugg No Yes
  Ben Tornberg No Yes
  Matt Ohlund No Yes
  Matt Lehmann No Yes
  Matt LaRue No Yes
  Colin Oldham No Yes
  Ali Vafaei No Yes
Marelich Mechanical Chad Johnston
No No
  Kyle Davis
No No
  Ryan Lopes
No No
  Austin Nelson
No No
  Matt Brownell No NO
MATT Construction Tony Mueller Yes No
McGuire and Hester      
McKinstry Bri Kastning No Yes
  Nikki Robison No Yes
  James Miller No Yes
  Brian Antonsen No Yes
Millie and Severson Contracting Company Brian Cresap
Yes Yes
  Allen Storie
Yes Yes
  Scott Hayes
No Yes
  Chris Stockwell
Yes Yes
  Christine Adler
No Yes
  Rebecca Ramsdale
No Yes
  Adam Huber
No Yes
  Brian Andrew
No Yes
  Eli Andres
No Yes
  Andrew Wells
No Yes
  Monica Ruiz-Torres No Yes
  Allen Storie No Yes
  Blake Storie No No
Nevell Group Inc. Lauren Wilson
No No
  Michael Korthals
No Yes
  Chris Taylor
No Yes
  Matthew Christensen No Yes
Nibbi Brothers General Contractors      
Novo Construction, Inc. Lei Liang No Yes
  Jacob White No Yes
  Mike Ballou No Yes
  Mike Bank No Yes
  Travis Lee No Yes
Okland Construction      
Olsson Industrial Electric Shelly Walter No Yes
  Stephanie Morgan No Yes
  Reed Rosenberg No Yes
Overaa Construction      
Pankow William Trejos
No No
  Ngoc Hanh Pham
No Yes
  Frankie Lozano
No Yes
  Lindsey Gray
No No
  Brad Bitz
No Yes
  Stacey Field
No Yes
  Joe McKeown No Yes
  Chris Garcia No No
Penhall Company      
Performance Contracting, Inc. Michelle Weakley No Yes
  Danielle McCartney No Yes
  Camila Gumati No Yes
  Chrissy Coble
No Yes
  Rick Sutphin
No Yes
  Chad Davis
No Yes
  Victoria Cowen
No Yes
  Matt Nevens
No Yes
  Billie Longley
No Yes
  Robert Castorena
No Yes
  Cole Dillon
No Yes
  Huda Alhamadah
No Yes
  Ken Fleming
No Yes
  Todd Forbush
No Yes
  Teo Bennett
No Yes
  Andrew Riley No Yes
Performance Mechanical, Inc. Andy Hosler No No
  Steve Kraak No No
  Rick Carpenter No No
PlanGrid Chrissy McGraw No Yes
  Emily Tsitrian No Yes
  Wes Ayers No Yes
Procore Technologies Miles Anderson No Yes
Prime Electric Monique Douglas No Yes
  Jeff Messana
No Yes
  Victor Hernandez
No Yes
  Ruslan Bagaveev No Yes
  Don Dixon No Yes
Quest Civil Constructors, Inc.      
Quiring General LLC Mike Schussel
Yes Yes
  Rich Bettencourt
Yes Yes
  Matt Griffith
Yes Yes
  Stevan Garcia
Yes Yes
  Kevin Barry Yes Yes
Rodan Builders, Inc.      
Rosendin Electric Steve Hansen No Yes
  Linda Lin No Yes
  Rick Guzman No Yes
  Rob Clark No Yes
  Brandi Storlie No Yes
  Jake Christensen No Yes
  Silver Barragan No Yes
  Diane O'Carroll No Yes
SC Builders Steve Dunne
No Yes
  Dustin Johnson
No Yes
  Tony Ohlssen
No No
  Joe Ascolese
No No
  Greg Burda
No No
  Nido Quartaroli
No No
  Andrew Garrard
No No
  Cesar Bermudez
No No
  Cortney Kiner
No No
  Scott Shope
No No
  Joey Papangellin No No
Sellen Construction Caitlin Gray No No
  Ryan Hester No No
  Mahi Demisse No No
  Ally Webley No No
Shimmick Construction      
S. J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc. Jim Benson No No
  Andrew Momb No No
Snyder Langston      
Southland Industries Ryan Bruggeman No Yes
  Phill Phillips No Yes
  Cristina Rodriguez No Yes
  Cesar Garcia No Yes
  Greg Hamm No Yes
  Lindsey York No Yes
Sprig Electric Matt Nelson
No Yes
  Laura Lacomble
No Yes
  Bijan Yavari
No Yes
  David Mulder
No Yes
  Parker Haerr
No Yes
  Kurt Huddleston No Yes
Sterling Construction Company, Inc. Jenna Carlson No Yes
  Clinton Myers No Yes
  Tara Jones No Yes
  Mason Williams No Yes
  Tyler McGary No Yes
  Mike Durham No Yes
  Sam Greene No Yes
  Steve Blakley No Yes
  Rich Buenting No Yes
  Bryce Jaynes No Yes
Sukut Construction Rochelle Wheatcroft
No No
  America Valdez
No No
  Cecilia Rangel
No No
  Steve Reiser
No No
  Bryan Nesthus
No No
  Eddie Juarez
No No
  Mike Zanaboni
No No
  Mike Mulich
No No
  John Pena
No No
  Mike Greenlee No No
  Michael Crawford No No
  Dave Grattan No No
Teichert Katie Tonello
No No
  Terry Richards
No No
  Clark Hulbert
No No
  Kyle Deller
No No
  Brittany Vermillion
No No
  Matt Hall
No No
  Joe Bean
No No
  Gordon Stout
No No
  Zach Sparlin
No No
  Craig Diebert
No No
  Jim Gallagher
No No
  Mike Dufresne
No No
  Eric Streich
No No
  Raul Ortiz
No No
  Travis Whipple
No No
  Chris Barkley
No No
  Austin Fouts
No No
  Jake Creger
No No
  Adam Bettencourt
No No
  Scott Lewis
No No
  Mary Teichert
No No
  Tom Griffith No No
The Boldt Company Alex Campbell
No Yes
  Sabrina Odah
No Yes
  Sean Davis
No Yes
  Pete Novaresi
No Yes
  Karen Conrod
No Yes
  Daniella Jimenez No Yes
  Joe Perez-Windmiller No Yes
  Zulma Figueroa No Yes
The PENTA Building Group Jennifer Leaders
No No
  Matt Woodmansee
No Yes
  Chris Brooks
No No
  Marisa Palomo
No No
  Alex Ortega
No No
  Clff Cole
No Yes
  Bobby Jelone
No No
  Jeff Walker
No No
  Nicole Evans
No No
  Mason Biggi
No No
  Jeff MacCabe No No
  Paul Dutmer No No
  John Colman No No
  Vanessa Montano No No
The Raymond Group      
Therma Katie Madorin No Yes
  Mike Fisher No Yes
  Felix Gonzalez No Yes
  Zach Moore No Yes
The Walsh Group Emily Kocher No No
  Jackie Ott No No
  Steve Watkins No Yes
  Tahni Hartso No Yes
  Matt Coleman No Yes
  Clay Gunderson No Yes
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Heman Chand No No
  Steven Likins No No
  Ruben Espinoza
No No
  Tavio D' Archangelo
No No
  Dave Cohen
No No
  Thomas Banach
No No
  Courtney Brooks
No No
  Dale Suggett
No No
  Dave Lee
No No
  John Langton
No No
  Thomas Klein No No
  Shawn Cooper No No
  Hayden Meyers No No
Traylor Bros., Inc.      
Truebeck Construction Amanda Carson
No Yes
  Justin Porter
No Yes
  Lane Otto
No Yes
  Alex Avellone
No Yes
  Doug Kohls
No Yes
  Sydney Doyle No Yes
W E O'Neil
Matt Runyan No No
  Melissa Phillips No No
  Sarah Hansen No No
W. L. Butler Construction, Inc. Monique Peetz
No No
  Frank York
No No
  Margaret Sims
No No
  Breanne Esplana
No No
  Shannon Stienstra
No No
  Michael Butner
No No
  Steven Bell
No No
  Anna Oganyan
No No
  Camilo Escamilla
No No
  Rudy Scalisi
No No
  Jesse Martinez
No No
  Eliott Butler
No No
  Jenni Burke No No
W.M. Lyles Co. Peter Rees No No
  Grant Gourley No No
  Joe Lawrence No No
  Jeff Mathiowetz No No
  Mike Van Groningen No No
  Michele Grandalski No No
  Kory Grandalski No No
Wall and Ceiling Alliance (WACA)      
Wilson Electric Todd Klimas No No
  Christine Reitmeier No No
  Nicole Provenzano No No
  Aaron Hendizadeh No No
XL Construction